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Real Time is a company founded in 1997 by the passion and intuition of the Volpi brothers. It initially worked for agencies providing film production and post production facilities for movies and commercials on quality branded products from different sectors, from food to automotive, from fashion to entertainment. Who gets in touch with us immediately understands our value, and it's for this reason that either small businesses and multinationals rely on us for their communication needs. Real Time makes no distinction between the different type of client, we always put the same commitment and passion with the same kind of effort in terms of quality and creative: small businesses today can be great tomorrow, and work in a team and grow together is challenging and engaging. With the crisis of the market and advertising investment the evolution in the structure of Real Time has quickly configured as a complete entity, independent from all points of view, tough and strong army that wants to turn more and more to its clients by offering a service communication 360°, turnkey! From marketing applied to visual communication to creativity, from production to post-production. It's a particularly agile and innovative facility, which recently added and developed itself in all the services of a production company merged with those of a creative agency, including the part of strategic thinking. Our many years of experience "web-video-oriented" also allows us to accompany the films produced through the successive courses on social, web and nourish their virality. All working figures operating behind a "campaign" are internal Real Time, in fact, we have always tried to use and grow internal figures and avoid using trainee exploitative policies that more and more often happen in our sector. We have internal directors who are dedicated mainly to corporate films and industry films, then we have also external directors for more specific situations such as high-end commercials and more. The great gym that formed us and allowed us to acquire the professionality of today is the Warner Bros., which is a film major for whom we made much of the communication videos, commercials, trailers, etc... for at least 15 years, a relationship that over time became a partnership rather than client / supplier. today we produce films for clients such as Costa Crociere, Eni Saipem, Collistar, Trenkwalder, Generali, a few days ago we acquired Mapei, etc... covering communication needs ranging from television commercials to the industry films. We try to deviate from the ground by always inserting creativity in all types of production even in simple tutorial. The video is now a key tool of presentation for each company type, especially for small and medium-sized companies with which we approach, sometimes from scratch, all whole path of setting a modern image that could prepare them to be presented to the eyes of the world with a dress more suited to our times. When I say about video in 360 degrees is because, nowadays, all forms of communication must start with a thought structured at the base, which is able to take into account immediately all forms of "propagation" of their image / video which ranges from the Web / Social to Corporate, TV, etc ... Small and medium sized companies, will be the big spender of the future, and it is for us a bet challenging to plan a strategic process of communication sometimes directly with the owners, once they would be commanders, they want to attend personally to all the evolutions of their company. A satisfaction different than the multinationals with its pros and cons, but certainly more human ... and for Real Time the protection of the human side of things has always been what has distinguished us from the beginning ... who knows us knows it!

  • Tv Commercials production
  • Corporate films production
  • Industry films production
  • Produzione video corporate
  • Short movies, videoclip, viral production
  • Tutorial films production
  • HSE films production
  • 3D films production
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Founding members Ivo Volpi & Matteo Volpi